January 9, 2004
My Neighborhood

Interviewer: ai???Why did you want a place for youth to gather?

Deja: ai???Because it was dangerous. And we, like, we would walk around and just feel unsafe, uncomfortable.

Interviewer: What kind of things made you feel unsafe?

Deja: ai???Um, the tying of the bandanas made me feel unsafe. It was like different color bandanas, tied on a sign, kind of like, ai???This is our territory.ai??i?? And youai??i??re walking past it and youai??i??re like, ai???I donai??i??t know if I should be like, you know, nervous?ai??i?? Or if I should walk past like, ai???It doesnai??i??t matter.

Interviewer: ai???Can you describe how the neighborhood or how the community looked back then?

Deja: ai???Um, it lookedai??i?? very split up. Like, there wasnai??i??t- I donai??i??t know. If you pass by the skate park, you see, like, kids interacting together. But before you didnai??i??t see that. It was more like, you know, these people over here, these people over there. The blue bandana on this sign, the red one across the street.... There was no really, like, ai???Weai??i??re all together in this.ai??i??"