January 4, 2013
Passing the Baton

ai???ai??i??Thereai??i??s some kids that have been participating since theyai??i??re ten years old, six or eight years ago, and now theyai??i??re becoming young adults.Ai??And theyai??i??re passing their stories on of, ai???Back in the day, this is what we did to get it done.ai??i?? And hopefully that will spawn some more legacy, conversation about how you get what you need and get what your community needs by engaging the civic leaders and engaging your neighbors-the people you go to school with or the people you grow up with. So thereai??i??s a sense of pride about, you know, ai???because I did this, this building got here. Now you better take care of it.ai??i?? For what we started there needs to be a passing of the baton to the next generation.ai??? -Ai??Paul Beamer, Construction Manager, MACK 5
"I dont think the youth center is the end. Itai??i??s not the end. It canai??i??t beAi??the end. It has to be one step in - a big step, obviously - but one stepAi??towards more. And I think thatai??i??s going to require the youth believingAi??that and learning how to take the lessons that theyai??i??ve gained from the Ai??youth center and turn it into something. Maybe they start their ownAi??business down the street or they start an after school program thatAi??benefits more youth nearby, or decide they want to become a teacher andAi??work at San Lorenzo High School - something that continues the Ai??momentumAi??of building up this community." - Hillary Bass, Executive Director, Deputy Sheriffai??i??s Activity League; Resident Services Coordinator, Eden House Apartments, 2004 ai??i?? 2007